Avant Homecare franchise FAQs

How does franchise ownership work?

Owning a franchise means being in business for yourself but not being by yourself. Our company licences its brand and proven business model and systems to a select group of franchise partners across the UK. We have a team of central support staff who will assist those partners to develop their business, while maintaining the quality of the Avant brand. Our team will also provide advice and support to guide franchisees in running their business.

Do I need a background in care?

No, not at all, thanks to our training and support and the fact that you'll employ fully qualified staff to provide care services to your customers, including a Registered Care Manager.

You do need the desire and drive to manage a successful business and have an empathetic approach and excellent people skills.

Can I get funding support?

Yes. We have negotiated a financial package with a number of high street banks, subject to each prospective franchisee's individual status. Through the pre-existing support we have arranged through our specialist funding partners, a detailed business plan to support any submission to the bank for finance is part of the package for any prospective Avant franchise partner.

What are the ongoing fees?

The Management Service Fee - like a royalty, charged by all franchises - is just 5% of monthly turnover, net of VAT. This provides franchisees with ongoing support, guidance and advice for the duration of their franchise agreement.

What training can I expect?

We provide initial training on everything from excellence in care to HR to IT, as well as on the rules, regulations, standards, methods and operating procedures of an Avant business. You can find further details on the training and support we offer here, and this is extensively discussed with you in conversatiosn and meetings prior to the award of your franchise.

Do I need an office or can I run the business from home?

We recommend that you start out by running your business from home - this keeps your overheads low as you establish your business, making you quicker to reach profit and keeping your cash flow more healthy. Once established, you can move into a professional office as the headquarters of your franchise. As you expand into further territories, this office becomes the 'hub' of your operations, with 'spokes' into neighbouring territories. You can run your business from anywhere thanks to the technology we provide.

How much do I need to invest to start my business?

The total investment required is around £70,000 - £90,000, including working capital and setting up and opening your office. You will need around £25,000 of your own funds; the rest can be financed. You can find further details on the investment and returns here.

What kind of services will my business offer?

Unlike many other care franchises, we do not limit ourselves to only elderly care services - we have a wealth of expertisde in specialist conditions, and partnerships with numerous charities and support organisations, meaning there is a huge potential marketplace for Avant franchisees. Services can be split into two main areas: care & support, and companionship & personal. The first includes things like morning and night time visits, help with bathing, hoists, continence, respite care and even live-in care. The second covers the likes of regular company, taking people out, having a chat and a cup of tea, pet walking, managing food, preparing meals and more.

Can I sell my franchise in the future?

Yes, of course, it is your business. We do however insist on vetting any potential buyer, as they will be representing the Avant brand - in the same way as we have a robust for those starting a new franchise with us.

What will my territory look like?

We use professional mapping software and demographic tools to provide you with a territory (trading area) with at least 300,000 inhabitants, of which at least 30,000 are aged 65+. You need only take a tiny slice of this local market to create a seven-figure turnover business.

What are my potential earnings?

Our model is based on reaching £1m turnover in year 3, with net profit of close to 15%. By year 5, a single territory can reach £2m turnover - and we encourage you to consider additional territories. Avant founder Sally Graham built her own franchise business to 9 territories and a turnover in excess of £12m, highlighting what is possible. However, it's important to remember that financial performance is not guaranteed, and your business results will be most influenced by your own hard work, determination and business structure. All figures provided are given only as a guide as to what you can achieve. Although they are based on actual data, they are not a guarantee or warranty of either turnover or profit.