How you could support mental wellbeing as an Avant Homecare franchisee

The lifting of the Covid-19 lockdown is expected to reveal new levels of mental health issues - but as an Avant Homecare franchisee you could help alleviate the problem.

Claire Murdoch, NHS England’s national clinical director for mental health, recently said that demand for mental healthcare would increase “significantly” once the lockdown is over,

Sally Graham, founder of the Avant Homecare franchise, says: "The lifting of restrictions means we all face making new decisions about how to ensure our safety. This applies especially to people in the shielding group, the over-70s or the more vulnerable. Many are the kinds of people our franchisees provide home care services for every day."

Sally says: "As an Avant Homecare franchisee you will be running a team of carers whose training includes Standard 9 of the Care Certificate. This standard focuses on awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities, so your care team will be keeping an eye on the mental health and wellbeing of your clients. Spotting potential problems early can prevent them worsening or turning into longer-term issues."

It has been proven that loneliness and lack of contact with other people can have a deleterious impact on mental wellbeing, so visits from carers, along with keeping in touch (in a socially distanced way) with friends and family can make significant contribution to clients’ state of mind.

“It is one of the many things that make running your own Avant Homecare franchise so rewarding,” says Sally.

Help with supplying the mandatory training for care staff is just one of the benefits that come as part of the extensive package supplied to all Avant Homecare franchisees. Training and retaining staff can be a huge headache for people setting up health care businesses on their own, but the Avant Homecare franchise package includes:

· A staff induction training pack to help grow a passionate, quality-focused team

· An operations and training manual

· Expertise in key staff recruitment, one of the care sector's biggest challenges

· Ongoing updates on legislation changes and advice about how this affects staff training

If you’re passionate about supporting your local community, Avant Homecare’s help and experience can make it much easier to set up a home care business than going it alone.